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One Magic Phrase Makes This Puppy Go Wild And It's Too Much For Our Hearts to Handle

It's no secret that most pets love attention, and you can really get a dog's tail wagging when it's time to get out of the house.

From car rides, to a walk to the park, leaving the house is often a highlight of your furry friend's day.

This tiny pup from Austin, Texas reacts with even more theatrics than most pets.

Poppy is a mixed breed dog. "We think [she’s] chihuahua meets pug meets something else…woods fairy, maybe??” one of her owners, Michael Tully, said on his Instagram feed.

Poppy's enthusiasm is unmatched and it makes our heart melt every time he appears on Tully's Instagram page.

Poppy wakes up to a new day, only to give up on thay day 10 seconds later.

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As a filmmaker Tully has created multiple videos of Poppy in action.

This particular video is a must-watch for any dog lover. When he hears the magical phrase, "Do you want to go for a... walk??" Poppy goes from calm to hysterical in a fraction of a second, and it's adorable.

Watch the video:

This dog really, really loves walkies

Walkies are life

Posted by Viral Thread on Thursday, April 27, 2017

What do you think of this pups excitement?

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