Jinger Duggar Wore Pants And Now Everyone Is Freaking Out

Anyone who knows anything about the Duggar family knows they are extremely conservative.

The family requires all the females to wear longs skirts and cover their knees in the name of modesty. Even when swimming, girls must stay covered up.

But it seems that one Duggar girl has broken the rules and gone her own way.

Jinger Duggar, who recently got married to soccer player Jeremy Vuolo, made headlines in the fan base when a picture of her wearing pants started circulating online.

Many have called out Jinger for straying from the family values, but even her husband is coming to her defense.

"It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse," Jeremy said. "It is not your liberty, women, to wear sensual, seductive clothing that is designed to draw the attention of your brothers."

Awkward phrasing to say brothers, especially considering what Jinger's brother Josh admitted to, but it's probably an unfortunate coincidence.

US Weekly

The Duggars have often fallen victim to intense criticisms about their lifestyle and how they raise their kids.

Jim Bob Duggar, the father, has a 50 page questionnaire all potential suitors for his daughters are required to fill out.

Do you think it's a big deal that Jinger chose to wear pants? Let us know!

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