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One Person Left Her In Tears After Her Performance, But Everyone Else Was Cheering

Aaliyah Moulden could potentially be the next winner of The Voice.

The 15-year-old from California is currently on Team Blake and has one of the most haunting and powerful talents on the show.

Up until now, Moulden has performed up-tempo songs that really showcase her energy, but this week she chose to go a different direction.

When she was just a baby, Moulden's dad passed away before she could have a relationship with him. She admits it's hard not having a father in her life and that she 'gets lonely' when her older siblings reminisce about memories with their dad.

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For her top 10 performance, Aaliyah Moulden chose to sing "Jealous" by Labrinth, a song about missing a loved one.

The performance started out strong, but as she went on, Moulden was visibly emotional about her father. She breaks down in tears and can't finish the song.

Blake Shelton, Aaliyah's coach, gave her a standing ovation along with the entire crowd. Everyone was so moved by the young teen's emotional performance.

"Crying is "” it's happened to all of us, because songs are so, they take you right to your heart and you're living it in that moment," Gwen Stefani told her. "So it happens sometimes but I think you did a great job. You should just be really proud of yourself, it's amazing."

"I literally could not be more proud of you right now," agreed Blake.


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