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She Made One Mistake With Essential Oils, Now She Has 'Third Degree' Burns

Warning: Graphic images may disturb some readers

Everyone who uses essential oils does so because they are supposed to be more natural than the chemicals and toxins we find in commercial beauty products.

But, just like with anything else, it's important to know how to properly apply essential oils. If you misuse them, you run the risk of doing much more harm than good to your body.

Unfortunately for Elise Nguyen, she learned that the hard way.


In a recent Facebook post, Nguyen shared a warning to other essential oils users not to do what she did after applying the 'skin-safe' products to her wrists and neck.

Prior to attending a hot yoga class, Nguyen applied the Doterra oils. After the class she laid down in a tanning bed. What happened to her skin next was horrifyingly painful...

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Nguyen intended to get a quick base tan before she flew to Jamaica for a wedding, but something worse happened.

The next day, her skin appeared red and irritated from where she applied the oil. Since her initial thought was to blame it on new detergent, she didn't think much of it. But, when the pain intensified a few days later, she realized it was actually a chemical burn.

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The painful chemical burn turned into blisters that eventually burst, exposing raw new skin beneath.

She still has open sores on her body and it's been 22 days since the burns began. Nguyen doesn't blame Doterra for what happened to her skin - she knows that it was her own fault.

However, she wants her experience to be a warning to others who use essential oils. For many brands, users must stay out of sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after application!

Do you use essential oils? Pass it on to anyone who does - they need to know this too!

[h/t 22Words / Elise Nguyen]