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Dad Writes A Heartwarming Message To Mom On Their Newborn's Onesie

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There's nothing that creates a more powerful bond between two people than their children.

For example, my then-boyfriend and I were head over heels for each other during the time I accidentally got pregnant. Neither one of us wanted children, but it just happened.

Then approximately six months into my pregnancy he broke up with me.

It was the most stressful experience of my life. I couldn't imagine becoming a single mother and having to support my new baby with only one income.

When he heard the news that I was in labor, he rushed to the hospital to be by my side. He held my hand almost the whole time, and when I finally gave birth, he held his first son.

He may have called it quits a few months before, but that all changed when he looked into those big blue eyes that looked just like his own.

That boyfriend is now my husband, and our son is 26 years old.

Without a doubt, the greatest gift in the world is life. Here's another story of how the birth of a child changed a couple's life. This one's even more heartwarming!

The Greatest Gift

It was the happiest moment of Chad and Lauren's life: the birth of their first daughter, Everly.

Only a day after Everly's birth, the newborn was given an important task by her father.

She was given a onesie to wear that had a very important message written on it.

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