Only Baby Boomers Can Name This Old Tool

With iPads, smartphones, computers, and just about everything else electronic, it's no surprise kids aren't being forced to learn cursive writing anymore.

But do you remember the very first typing machine we got to use? The typewriter. That loud, lovable, often finicky machine that saved you lots of time hand writing things.

So if you remember using a typewriter, then you definitely remember using this.

Or maybe these:


That's right, typewriter erasers! We didn't have the luxury of a backspace button. Once you made a typo, it was in ink. Depending on your brush, you either had to smudge out the mistake or use a white-tipped pencil to cover it up. The brush was there to get rid of any dust that was left behind. Regardless, it never looked as seamless as you hoped it would.

As you can see by this typed page on Eclectic Ephemera, you can always notice where there wa a typo.

Do you remember using these typewriter erasers? Let us know!

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