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You Can Actually Open A Can Using Only Sandpaper, Here's How

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Tin cans store some delicious food inside, but they're super hard to get to.

I understand that canned foods need to be preserved in a protective case, but it would be nice if more of them had ring pulls.

As we wait for this simple dream to come true, there are clever ways to open these hard-to-open cans without using a can opener or injuring your fingers.

DaveHax, a popular YouTube page, has figured out a genius way to open canned foods using only a sheet of sandpaper.

This hack is one you'll definitely impress your friends and family with...

Place a sheet of sandpaper on a flat surface and turn the can upside down, rubbing it up and down in quick motions.

The trick here is to sand down the top of the seam, which is where the metal from the lid and side of the can have folded over to make an airtight seal.

Once the top of the seam flattens, after a minute or two of sanding, it's ready to open.

Blow off the dust, then squeeze the lid open. Be careful, the lid will shoot up.

And there you have it! A tin can opened with a sheet of sandpaper!

You can also open a can using concrete or bricks, just do the same quick motion.

For a better visual representation of how this works, check out DaveHax's video below.

If you can't imagine parting with your can opener, this hack may come in handy:

There's actually a right way to use a can opener, according to a viral social media post, and you may have been using yours wrong all this time.

Using your can opener horizontally is believed to be the best way to easily open the lid.

That being said, some people warn that while this method does work, you could end up with tiny metal particles in your food.

But that all depends on whether your can opener was made to be used horizontally.

"There are two types of these can openers," one YouTube user commented. "I have one similar to that but mine is a vertical one. I have to do it from the side. Some have to be used vertically, others horizontally. Unless you have the a a vertical one, this is false."

If worse comes to worst, just use sandpaper!

[H/T: DaveHax]

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