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Orphaned Kitten Arrives In His New Home, But Owner's Heart Melts When He Meets His New Brother

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A tiny kitten was found all by himself on a a chilly October day. He was in desperate need of medical attention, but luckily he was discovered by animal rescuer, Moonglade Rose, who brought him right to the vet.  

Moonglade Rose

Rose named the tiny kitten Opie, but she was worried how her current cat, Andy, would react to the new addition. Andy was also a rescue, so she had no way to know if he had been around other cats before. His reaction was going to be a complete surprise.

Moonglade Rose

When she brought tiny Opie into the house, he let out a little squeak notifying Andy that there was someone new in his house. Andy quickly came running, which worried Rose for a moment, but then his reaction had her snapping as many pictures as she could...

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