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20 Photos That You'll Have To Look At Twice To Fully Understand

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There is nothing better than a picture that makes you look twice. Whether it's just something that was taken at the perfect moment, a carefully planned sign, or a complete mistake, there are some things that are just too good to miss.

We've got the best illusions, slip ups and just generally hilarious pictures that will make you wonder how they managed to get the timing just so right.

1. This dog has its four eyes on you...

2. Parmesan flavor, check! Pizza flavor, check! Wait, what does that last one say?!

3. The headless basketball player is the new star center!

4. Talk about a bed hog...

5. It's probably really hard for this guy to find hats right?

6. Take a quick look at the girl on the far right, interesting way to sit? No, it just looks like she's sitting like that, her other leg is tucked behind

7. That awkward moment when you go to the zoo and are wearing the same outfit as the gorilla

8. Hang on a second, what are you trying to sell here?

9. It's not what you think, look again

10. Where can I buy this teddy bear?

Those aren't only illusions that you'll have to look twice at!

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