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After Being Trapped In A Wooden Box For Two Years, A Young Orangutan Sees The Light Of Day For The First Time

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Can you imagine living for two years without seeing the light of day? That's what happened to this young orangutan that was kept as a "pet."

Kotap, a 4-year-old male orangutan, was discovered in a man's yard in Indonesia in a small, barred-up cage with no light coming through. The wooden cage was only 10 square feet and the wild ape had been living in confinement without his mother for 2 years.

International Animal Rescue (IAR) were horrified at what they found upon investigation.

Baco, the man who owned the orangutan, said some villagers gave him the ape, and he kept Kotap in the wooden box because he didn't want the orangutan to "disturb the neighbors."

International Animal Rescue

When rescuers finally convinced Baco to hand over Kotap to them, they found the ape alone inside the wooden cage with only a plastic straw and water bottle.

International Animal Rescue

Kotap's captor fed the primate a diet of bread, rice, uncooked instant noodles, and sugary drinks.

According to a viral video posted online, Kotap should have been under the care of older orangutans, because at his age, many are still learning basic social skills and how to climb in the jungle.  

International Animal Rescue

Because the orangutan wasn't used to the outside world at all, rescuers were concerned about how he'd react to being outdoors.

“Kotap was very stressed by all the strangers who gathered to see him when he was taken out of the box," said Uwi, a vet with the IAR.

"He became nervous and aggressive which is not surprising. So during the long journey back to the centre we kept people away from him so that he remained as quiet and calm as possible.”


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