Oreo Is Releasing A New Flavor For National Donut Day

There's some wonderful information coming from Oreo's headquarters and it is exactly the kind of news I'd like to start my day with.

The folks behind the cookie company's creations must have been operating on very little sleep considering all of the new flavors they've released over the last couple of weeks.

Just when we thought they might have exhausted all of their options since they launched a contest soliciting the public for flavor ideas in exchange for $500,000, the cookie experts surprise us once more.

To commemorate the very important annual holiday that is National Donut Day which falls on the first Friday of June, Oreo announced a new addition to their lineup of limited-edition treats and it sounds delicious.

The company unveiled its latest flavor to be a Jelly Donut cookie.

The donut-inspired treat features a golden cookie filled with a custard outer ring and a surprise raspberry center just like the classic jelly filled dessert.

Boxes of the never-before-tasted flavor will hit shelves this weekend and will only set you back $2.98. However, there's a catch: The cookies are available exclusively at Walmart so you'll have to venture out to your nearest store to snag some.

Will you be trying the new Oreo Jelly Donut cookie? Let us know in the comments!

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