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Oreo Created A Record Player To Play Their Cookies


It feels like food companies are going all out when it comes to their product nowadays. Whether it's wild flavors, different formats, or even publicity stunts like Reese's "candy converter" machine, these companies are doing all they can to stay relevant in the public eye.


But no company has made more headlines this holiday season than Oreo, who have released an ultimate cookie dunking set, new flavors of the iconic cookies, and even a drink mix that tastes like Oreos.

And if that wasn't enough for you, they've now created a record player that will actually play their cookies. Yes, you read that right. Oreo cookies will play music, so long as you have this machine.

If you're too young to know what a record player is...just Google it. Think of it as the original MP3 player, but way cooler (and with a much smaller capacity).

According to the product description, the Oreo Music Box "turns any standard Oreo sandwich cookie, including White Fudge Oreo cookies into a musical device you can enjoy over and over again. The song changes with each bite of the cookie."

When you buy the player, it comes with White Fudge Oreos, Double Stuf Oreos, and Oreo Thins. It also comes with a collectible tin. Apparently you can even record a personalized message, which is pretty crazy when you think about it!

Some people have already been able to get their hands on the Oreo Music Box, and they seem to love it!

"This box is delightful! Came with a bunch of different Oreo cookies to play with and eat! Love! You can record a personalized message and the sound of the music is perfectly clear. Just change out the batteries."

"I purchased this for daughter as a treat while studying for finals. I was a little skeptical at first that a Oreo would play music but it did work and she LOVED it. All of her friends got a kick out of it also. I thought it was a little pricey before I ordered it but well worth it in the end for my daughter to enjoy it so much."

"Bought this to bring to Thanksgiving for the kids in my family. It was a huge hit and we had a great time making music!"

Unfortunately, the Oreo Music Box is currently out of stock, but with the insane demand that has been coming Oreo's way, there's no question it will be back in stock in time for the holidays!

To me, it's crazy to think that a cookie could be so delicious and also play music, but I guess that's the world we live in now!

What do you think of this invention?

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