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This Mother's Hack Will Save You Hours Every Week

Daily Mail

If you have a child then you know how tough it can be getting them up and out of bed and off to school every day. If you have a couple of kids, then you know it's a daily battle to be fought!

But what if you had a system that not only made your kids more likely to get ready faster, but also means you don't have to scramble around them?

Jessica Louise-Groves knows all about hectic mornings. Raising five kids is never easy, and she eventually got fed up having to run around each morning trying to locate missing shoes, jackets, and homework they had lying around.

It adds to the unnecessary stress that parenting inevitably offers, and if you have found yourself wishing there was a better way, then this could be the answer to your prayers!

Especially when you see the price tag...

The solution that Louise-Groves came up with was an actual organizing plan that her children can take part in!

She built an organization station that houses all of her children's belonging for the morning, and made it all for less than $100, or about $20 per child!

Daily Mail

"Having this school bag station means both the kids and myself know where all the kids' school bits are and it keeps things tidy and organised, rather than finding a school bag here and a shoe over there and "where's my hat" five seconds before we walk out the door," she says.

She and her husband say they are constantly looking for hacks that help them out with their big family, and they say this is by far the best!

Will you try out this "organization station?"