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Sanctuary In Australia Has Found The Perfect Way To Make Orphaned Baby Kangaroos Feel Right At Home

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When Terri the baby roo was rescued in the wild and brought to the The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, keepers had to solve the problem of taking care of a joey that's used to snuggling in its mother's pouch.

In an adorable video, little Terry hops towards a keeper, begging for cuddles. As the baby kangaroo wraps its front paws around his leg, Chris Barns holds something just out of reach. Terri jumps up excitedly on his hind legs in anticipation, waiting to be scooped up.

As Chris reaches down, we can see that he's carrying a special pouch that's meant to mimic a mother kangaroo's. Terri happily rolls himself forward into the bag head first, and Chris brings the baby in for a snuggle.

It's the sweetest thing you'll see all day!

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The pouches were custom-made by the sanctuary after workers realized they needed to mimic the natural environment and lifestyle of baby kangaroos.

"They hop into their mums pouches just like they hop into their pillowcase pouches we make them," a staff member at the sanctuary said. "We try to make them as close in shape and size as their mums pouch would be. And they are very clever at moving themselves when they are in the pouch."

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The sanctuary, which is based in Australia, rescues abandoned roos and raises them with lots of love. Right now they have about 30 kangaroos onsite!

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Continue to the next page to see Terri climbing into the pouch! It's worth it, we promise!

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