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Sick Otter Broke Into The One Place That Could Get Her The Treatment She Desperately Needed

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"Luckily, we have a Vets4Pets practice inside our store and I immediately called my colleague Alexandra to help, as she’s a veterinary nurse." They were able to keep an eye on the animal until help could arrive. “We didn’t want to stress the animal, so kept well clear until the RSPCA arrived. Luckily, an inspector arrived quite quickly and we all worked together to rescue the otter.”

Together the team was able to get her, but it wasn't easy. "It took an hour to catch her, as she had lots of places to hide and I tried to make sure she didn’t get too stressed," RSPCA inspector Georgia McCormick said. "She probably came exploring for some food and warmth."

The adventurous otter was checked out by a vet, and they found that her breathing sounded wheezy. The vet prescribed some antibiotics to help and now that she is eating well and sounding better she will be released back into the wild.

I guess she knew she was sick and needed help, so maybe she figured she may as well check the pet store! Such a smart lady!

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