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A Look Back At Our Happiest Moments From 2017

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It's still early into 2018, but by now we've had time to acquaint ourselves with the new year and breathe a collective sigh of relief that we are no longer in 2017.

It was a difficult year, with trials and tribulations, heartbreaks and scandals, and more than enough tragedy to fit inside a mere 365 days. But alongside those hard times, there were also brief moments of love and compassion.

These instances gave us hope when they happened, and even though we have a lot to expect from 2018, let's take a look back at our happiest moments from last year and remember the good times as we move forward!

Brokenhearted Bachelor Finds Sick Kitten Outside His Door, Together They Rescued Each Other

When one man found himself heartbroken over a recent breakup, he thought that his life was effectively over. As he dragged himself around the house, he came across someone hurting more than he was.

A sick, starving cat had found its way inside his home and into his new owners arms. The man took in the kitten and nursed him, and his broken heart, back to health. There really are everyday heroes out there!

This Dancer Thought Her Career Was Over, Then Simon Offered To Pay For Her Surgery

A dance troupe of girls on the popular Britain's Got Talent had big dreams to win the competition, but unlike most contestants just looking for fame, they had a heartfelt reason for reaching the top.

One member, 15-year-old Julia Carlile, had lived with scoliosis since she was six, and was going to use her prize money to pay for a surgery to correct her spine.

Unfortunately, the girls ended up finishing 9th in the final round, but their dream wasn't over. Show host Simon Cowell decided that no one should be denied their good health, paying for her surgery out-of-pocket.

80 Strangers Form A Human Chain To Rescue A Drowning Family

It was a deadly situation that only quick thinking could solve. When nine people were swept out to sea in a riptide, other swimmers could only watch helplessly as they were carried further away from shore.

The bystanders knew they had to do something, but couldn't risk swimming out into the tide themselves. So instead, they linked their arms and waded themselves out to rescue the stragglers.

From there, expert swimmers paddled out to the drowning people and passed them back to shore. None of them died that day, thanks to their selfless efforts!

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