Over $500,000 Worth Of Lobster Spilled Onto A Highway, And People Went Bonkers

We truck billions of dollars worth of precious goods across the continent every day, with so many vehicles going back and forth it's no wonder we have accidents. Every spill is a big deal, potentially catastrophic for communities, environments and businesses alike.

Now that the doom and gloom is out of the way, let me tell you about a different kind of spill, one that you're going to wish you had been a part of.

Early Saturday morning, about 1:00 a.m., a truck carrying half a million dollars worth of lobsters overturned on the highway cross rural Nova Scotia, a Canadian province on the Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of crates of live lobsters crashed to pavement, many opening freeing the catch.

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Luckily lobsters aren't the most agile runners, but a spill of over 40,000 pounds is going to take some time to clean. The road was closed for over 5 hours while authorities, and many many locals, "cleaned up" the mess.

RCMP officers gave locals permission to take all the lobsters they could carry in an effort to open the road sooner. It was a decision that residents took full advantage of.

"It's a free meal for somebody," said George Hopkins, himself a lobster fisherman. "I'm just going to give them away."

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He'll be making a lot of donations considering he was packing crates of the lobsters into his truck as he was interviewed. He filled it to bursting before finally driving home with his catch.

Hopkins was far from the only one cashing in on the crustacean crash. Vicki Grant owns a cottage not far away from the accident.

"It's amazing how many lobsters there were, parts were just carpeted down through the ditch, and I would have been there about 12 hours after it happened," she said.


Grant said she saw people piling lobsters into garbage bags and driving away.

"Some people had their kids further off in the ditch, kind of scrambling around trying to get the good ones. It was quite a scene."

Residents hope the mess gets cleaned up well, because the smell of tonnes of lobsters was already becoming overpowering, something the summer sun is not going to help.

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