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Owner Disgusted After Cat Comes Home With A Bullet Wound

When Robert Wilkinson's cat walked up to him he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He first found his cat Ginge two years ago when he turned up on his doorstop and never left, but now his little buddy was covered in blood.

Wilkinson took a closer look and was disgusted by what he saw, "His fur was all matted. I took a closer look and it was a two-by-two air rifle pellet lodged in his head."

He rushed Ginge to the vet and they worked quickly to clean him up. The vet told Wilkinson that if the bullet hit him a few millimeters to either side it would have killed him.

The bones in right in the front and center of his skull were able to stop the bullet before it hit his brain, but on either side it wouldn't have been strong enough.

Normally he lets his cat outside to wander and visit the neighbors, but he is too afraid to let Ginge go outside. He says that "There are some vile people out there."

He still doesn't know who did this to his cat but he suspects a group of young motorcyclists who were riding around on the day of the attack. He also thinks it might be a kid and hopes that "Maybe the parents know that one of their children has an air rifle. They might be disgusted enough to ask them about it."

For now he is focusing on taking care of Ginge and making sure nothing like this ever happens again.