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Doctors Told Woman Her Pain Was "All In Her Head" Until It Was Almost Too Late

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I really want to have faith in our health care system, but it's becoming extremely difficult to build trust when they continue to let us down.

I understand that most doctors are overworked, but isn't that a sign that we need to improve the system so that people can get the care they need and deserve?

There have been stories where people have died because they were turned away from their doctor's office because they were 10 minutes late to their appointment. Then there are cases where children have died because doctors thought their mothers were being "paranoid" about their symptoms.

Georgie McLennan, a 23-year-old student nurse, complained of a "mystery pain" that she couldn't get to the bottom of.

She went to see a doctor, who allegedly told her that the pain was "all in her head."

For someone like McLennan, who just enters the medical field, it's easy to get caught up in all the illnesses you read about. Medical student's syndrome happens when student think they are experiencing the same symptoms of the disease that they're learning about.

For McLennan, this was far from the case. Her nightmare was just about to begin...

The young woman from Australia may have looked healthy on the outside, but the things growing inside of her were too deadly to be missed.

When she went to see a doctor about her persistent abdominal pain, she was prescribed stomach ulcer medication.

As the pain worsened, she ended up getting her body scanned, which revealed that tumors were growing all over her body. Doctors almost thought it was too late..

"They thought I was going to die before the result of the biopsy came back," she told 9 News. "I knew it was really bad because it was so spread out."

McLennan was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as Burkitt Lymphoma. She went through months of chemotherapy and spinal chord injections.

Her positive attitude throughout her experience may be the reason why McLennan made a miraculous recovery!

She told reporters that she chose to share her story to raise awareness.

"2017 was an amazing year but my New Year's resolution is to not get cancer again," she wrote in her Instagram post.

We wish you all the best Georgia! Share this story to raise awareness about the importance of getting tested!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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