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There Are Hidden Markings On Your Palm And They Know A Lot About Your Future

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Palmistry is one of those things that seems like it is so complicated, but really it's all there in the palm of your hand. Sure, the interpretations could be seen differently, but why not give it a try on your own to see if you recognize any of these symbols?

While you may have already identified the what the three basic lines say about your life, these more subtle markings will be able to give you a more in depth look at your personality, your future, and your path in life.

The markings mean different things based on where they are on your palm, and some are harder to spot than others. Chances are you won't have one of each, but take a good, hard look at your dominant hand and see if you recognize any of these markings.


If the main three lines in your hands are broken, get ready for big changes. Depending on the direction, they mean different things. Breaks that point up and towards the edge of your hand mean an unexpected journey, where breaks pointing into the center of your palm mean that your day-to-day life is going to change. No matter where the breaks are, it means that something pretty big will be altered in your life.


If there is a bunch of little circles off of a line, the number of circles is important. Each circle represents an obstacle in your life, whether relating to your love life or health issues. How long the chain is can help you figure out how long the obstacle will last.


Whichever way it's facing, a cross is an indication of long-lasting issues. Often times it can indicate a period of intense stress and a time in your life that will require you to make some changes.


Tiny dots might appear on your palm and they are typically representative of health related issues. It might be your own personal issues or those of a loved one, but they are often related to destructive experiences. Alternatively, they can also represent a moment of crisis, and sometimes will disappear when the crisis has passed.


A series of lines in a grid pattern is know as a grille, and it often signifies interruptions or hindrances in your life. You might find yourself faced with anxiety or exhaustion at some point.


Islands are kind of similar to a chain, only instead of the circles being completely under or above the line, they break it completely with a large circle. They usually are indicating a period of your life where a significant stress will be present and oftentimes links to your health.

Letter 'M'

If you have an 'M' anywhere on your palm you are very rare. It only occurs when the heart line, head line, and life line all connect, making an 'M' like shape. If you have this, you should be happy to know that it usually indicates a person who trustworthy and good partners.


Squares can mean two very different things. When they appear by a line break, then it means you have a guardian angel watching out for you. If it rests on a line without a break then it might mean that you will feel boxed in or imprisoned for a time.

Those aren't the only markings you can find on your palm...

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