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Look At Your Palms, The Lines Know Your Personality Better Than You Do

Palm reading is one of those things that probably shouldn't make sense, but honestly, it almost always does. You might think that the lines in your hand mean absolutely nothing, but as it turns out, each line is there for a reason and can give you a little bit of insight into your life and personality.

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There are three main lines that are easy to find on your hand that can help you understand a lot about your life, and maybe even give you an insight into your future. Do you find these things to be accurate for your personality? Take a look at your dominant hand and see what these lines are saying about you.

The Head Line

The head line starts roughly half way between where your thumb and index finger connect. It can extend out in a variety of ways, which will highlight a different part of your personality.

Short line: If the line extends only to the center of your palm, then that means that you are someone who makes decisions quickly.

Long, straight line: If the line extends all the way towards your pinky then you are extremely analytical and take a long time to make a choice.

Split line: If the line splits into two, that means you are extremely empathetic to others and are likely to change your opinion of things often.

Long, curved line: If the line runs down towards your palm then you are creative and capable of imagining many outcomes to situations.

But that's not the only line that reveals your personality...

The Heart Line

Your heart line starts up near under the index finger or middle finger and goes out towards the edge of your hand. Both the length and curve of the line give you an indication of your personality.

Long, straight line: If the line extends across the entire hand then you are a considerate person who is capable of being extremely rational.

Long, curved line: If the line curves up towards your fingers then you are driven by your desires.

Short, straight line: You are someone who needs space and freedom, and tend not to be as expressive with words.

Short, curved line: If it curves up towards your middle finger then your are someone who prefers small groups and intimate settings.

Line with X's towards the outer edge: The X's represent personal betrayals against you.

Split line: If the line is split into two then it means you are more likely to ignore your own emotions if it means you can help others.

The Life Line

Your life line is the curved line that is stretched around the thumb, While you might think that it would reveal how long you would live, it's actually a little more complicated then that.

Long line: A long line actually means that you are seen as emotionally stable by those around you and are there for the people in your life.  

Short line: If it ends in the center of your palm it means you like to keep busy when you are dealing with emotional situations.

Faint line: If it is particularly hard to see then you are a low energy person who doesn't seek out adventure.

Broken line: Every break in the line indicates a traumatic experience in your life that has managed to impact your decisions.

Double line: If there is a secondary line running parallel to it that means you are very confident and have a strong support system around you.

How accurate was your reading?

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