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Palmistry Experts Weigh In On The 3 Rings That Meghan Markle Was Spotted Wearing

Evening Standard

There has been a lot of attention paid to soon-to-be-royalty Meghan Markle's ring lately, as her and Prince Harry prepare for their wedding next year.

However, in their first public outing together, people began to notice that Meghan was sporting a new collection of jewelry that could explain how she feels about her new role in the royal family.

When Prince Harry and her stopped by a radio station in Brixton, photographers focused in on three gold bands that she had on certain fingers of her right hand.

While many overlooked this detail, those practiced in the art of palmistry spoke up to explain why she may have chosen to wear these particular symbols.

They note that the thumb, index finger, and right ring finger all play a special role in fortune telling, and personal development.

Traditionally, the thumb is the powerhouse of the personality, and indicates that someone is striving towards dominance, control, and motivation.

You often see people in positions of power wearing thumb rings, as it easy to show off to those who are facing or surrounding you. This could include CEOs, social climbers, as well as rulers of nations.

Rings on the index finger highlight some sort of personal triumph that one has recently achieved. Again, commonly sported by champions or leaders, it is the hand equivalent to a crown.

Finally, we see the ring finger has a golden band of its own. This could be Meghan's attempt to draw attention to her engagement ring on the opposing side.

But alongside the other rings and their meaning, this could also be her way of staying grounded as she becomes accustomed to her new life as a member of the social and political elite.

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