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Pamela Anderson Releases PSA About Sexual Violence After Uber Driver "Stared At Her"


Pamela Anderson, the woman involved in the most scandalous sex tape in history, is sharing her two cents on the #MeToo movement after Sunday's Golden Globe Awards.

Anderson has been vocal about the issue of sexual harassment ever since news broke about Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

After an "uncomfortable" Uber ride that left her feeling vulnerable, the '90s sex symbol wants no woman to feel that way.

"I was very uncomfortable even though it was the premiere class, which is supposedly the best. I was in a long evening gown and could see him staring at me in the mirror and over his shoulder. It was very uncomfortable, very late and a long ride home. It made me think of vulnerable young girls alone late at night after a few drinks," she told the Daily Mail.

As part of a campaign to implement more checks on drivers, the 50-year-old model and actress shared a PSA for the National Limousine Association.

The campaign is calling for drivers to have to pass a fingerprint test to rule them out for having criminal histories, especially if it has to do with sexual crimes, before they are allowed to accept passengers.

But that's not all, the former Baywatch star called on other actresses to do more than "just" share hashtags.

"Awareness is important, but I think action is more important. I encourage people to follow their passion and live their lives with meaning and purpose, but also to not think they’ve accomplished anything with just a hashtag by itself," Anderson said. "Everyone must protect themselves by using common sense, and we must teach our children to be safe."

Anderson added that women need to be more careful in noticing the signs of when men want to take advantage of them.

"I learned not to put myself in those positions. When I came to Hollywood, I had a lot of offers to do private auditions and things that just made no sense, just common sense. Don't go into a hotel room alone. If someone answers the door in a bathrobe, leave."

In reference to ride-sharing companies, Anderson said, "Modern technology is all very interesting, but we must not allow tech to advance so quickly that citizens are unsafe. I urge everyone to be smart and proactive in keeping ourselves and our children safe. People have a false sense of security with these apps. It’s imperative that passengers not just assume it’s safe because everyone else is doing it."

Watch the full PSA below.

Accusations against Uber and Lyft drivers sexually assaulting female passengers is nothing new. The city of London decided not to renew its licence for Uber due to "criminal offences."

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