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Paralyzed Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain Amazes Herself When She Takes Her First Steps

This is an incredible story of second chances you won't likely forget.

When little Talleyrand was found in a Washington storm drain, she was just two months old. The frightened baby had suffered a broken back from the fall, which caused paralysis in her hind legs and tail.

Thankfully Animal Control Officer, Michael Stern, recognized her paralysis right away and brought the little one to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, DC.

Vets confirmed that she was paralyzed from the fall, but they refused to give up on the tender kitten. Little Talleyrand must have sensed their resolve, because every time she was given an exam or a treatment, she purred and purred.

She wasn't alone though, staff gave her a fuzzy ducky to snuggle with!

Talleyrand started traditional and electro-acupuncture under the care of Dr. Meg Hamilton. After several rounds of treatment, little Talleyrand responded so well that she can walk and even use the litter box on her own!

One day this little sweetie will be good as new and ready for her forever home! Keep up the good work Talleyrand!

[h/t People]