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12 Things Our Parents Have Been Lying About This Whole Time

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We're all familiar with make-believe stories about Santa Clause and his whole ensemble, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny, Bigfoot, and the list goes on and on.

If your family was anything like my family, they spent more time thinking on how to trick me than actually trying to let me know why things are the way they are. For example, my dad had me believing that if I bite my nails it will come out of my eyes.

But to be fair to parents, it's hard to explain many thing to your children, but you can't deny that some lies are downright annoying.

Anyway, let's elaborate on the 'on and on'.

"I'll be right there."

Parents say they'll be right there, which only means 'I heard you'. If they happen to remember, they may make the effort to be where they said they'll be.

"We returned the dog to its mother."

This one was cruel. Pets are part of the family too!

This happened to me every single time we got a pet. This is how I said goodbye to my fish, crab, cat, frog, and lamb. It was as if we got the animals on loan from their mothers and they suddenly were requested to be returned.

"Drink your milk or you won't grow tall like so and so."

That's not how it works. Milk can contribute to stronger bones but it's not the main factor attributed to your growth rate. Genetics play a big role. So if mommy and daddy are not tall and their mommies and daddies are not tall, the 'apple of genes' won't fall far from the tree.

"Time for bed."

It doesn't matter if it's on the weekdays or weekends, my bedtime seemed to always get pushed to an earlier time.

"Make a wish."

Shooting stars, throwing pennies in a fountain, fallen eyelashes,11:11, and dandelions were nothing more than wishful thinking. As adults, we all know these wishes won't come true by blowing on a plant or watching a comet zoom past the planet, but I'm sure plenty of us still hope something good will come out of it.

"We're almost there."

Yes, if almost there means two more hours of driving on the highway and then one hour stuck in traffic. OK, then we must be almost there.

"Let me think about it."

As a child, nothing excited you more than entering a toy store. You spend hours trying to find the perfect addition to your collection, and when you do, your parents are looking at you with a blank expression on their face. You assume this isn't a terrible expression so you proceed to ask them if they'll buy it for you. The answer is rarely 'no' because they're worried you'll cry your eyes out and make a scene in public, so they'll say 'let me think about it.'

"It's [insert name of food you like]"

Those lima beans DO NOT taste like jelly beans. It's funny that parents think they can get away with this one.

"We can't go because it's closed."

Since when did that new theme park close? Or that ice cream shop, when it's in the middle of a hot day.

"I'm leaving now."

Your shopping with your mom or dad an suddenly they say this before they step out of view and watch as you fight back tears. This was cruelty on another level.

"There's no more."

This usually happened when it came to treats. That Halloween bag filled with all the candy YOU collected would magically disappear from inside the kitchen cabinet.

"If you do that, the monster under your bed will come and get you."

This threat/lie may have been the worst. It increased the amount of times you had a nightmare and made you look under your bed way too many times.

Share us your story on which tricks or lies your parents made you believe in? Or which one of these do you use on your kids?

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