Parents and Students Frustrated After School Punishes 100 Kids On The First Day Of School

School uniforms are often a point of contention. Are they actually helping to keep school a 'professional' environment? Is it limiting the amount of bullying around clothing choices? And is it really helping kids concentrate because of how much they're covered up?

One school believes their dress code is so important, they put 100 kids in on the first day for minor violations.

According to Julie Haley, her 14-year-old daughter Elizabeth was reprimanded because of her skirt.

"Elizabeth was wearing a plain black pencil skirt, just above the knee," Haley says. "Apparently it was 'inappropriate' but I don't understand why. It's a plain black skirt and meets their requirements."

Do you really think her skirt looked that bad?

"The skirt is of acceptable length, smart and certainly not designer in any way," Haley continued. "It has no revealing slits. Elizabeth was at school for around 10 minutes before she was put in timeout. She was really upset. However, her friend who was wearing a similar skirt was not sent to timeout. Apparently her friend was not seen by the member of staff who saw Elizabeth. I understand there is a need for a uniform policy but surely if it is going to work then it needs to be enforced by all members of staff across the board. The children have just had a day of their education wasted."

The school also commented on Elizabeth's shoes, as well as many other students', saying they didn't have the proper shoes.

"I understand that students need to adhere to uniform regulations," the student said. "But if they are going to be so strict about what type of shoes are acceptable then the school should provide the footwear themselves."

One mother says neither of her sons were allowed in class because their shoes were wrong.

"They were both put into timeout because of their shoes. They were wearing plain black sensible low-heeled shoes and were of the same design as the ones the school deem acceptable."

"The school says they are not going to teach the children because of incorrect footwear and trousers. It's absolutely ridiculous," says Emma Ferguson, another mother whose kids were put in isolation. "So many pupils were put in timeout over issues like this - a number of classrooms were full and the school gym was full of children in timeout."

As for the school, their response is harsh: "we told you so."

"Our uniform is an essential part of our identity and it helps to project the best possible image of the school, reinforcing good behavior and with an established link to high educational attainment in the classroom," said headteacher Ian Wilkinson. "This was agreed with the full support of our governors and meant that anyone coming to school in trainers, denim jackets, hoodies, and other non-uniform items of clothing would be temporarily taken out of lessons and into the Student Support Base until the situation could be resolved."

He continued:

"We have been communicating this to parents since last May to make sure that everyone understood our approach. We were therefore really disappointed by the number of students not wearing the full correct uniform on the first day of our new term. We recognize this is not the ideal start, however, the vast majority did attend wearing the correct uniform and we remain committed to enforcing the policy as stated."

Do you think the school took it too far on the first day to send kids into isolation? Or were parents given enough warning? Let us know!

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