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Parents Suing Hospital After "Traumatic And Chaotic" Birth Of Baby Left It Paralyzed

A woman who gave birth to a 13-lb baby in 2010 is suing five of her doctors after a "traumatic and chaotic" childbirth.  

According to Anik Bourbeau and Pascal Lessard, their doctors did not correctly estimate the size of their baby, and didn't even perform an ultrasound. The parents say a cesarean section was the proper way to deliver their baby, but doctors did not even mention it as an option.

Cesarean sections are often recommended for larger babies, as well as for patients with a history of difficult pregnancies. Bourbeau apparently has suffered a complicated pregnancy in the past and was open to the option of a c-section. Because of the size of her baby and the previous problems, court documents state the doctors did not properly advice Bourbeau on how to deliver her baby, thus causing extreme complications.

So what do the parents want from the doctors?

Lessard and Bourbeau are suing for $1.4 million in damages, including lost wages for both parents as well as future medical costs for their child.

"The defendants omitted to proceed to an evaluation of the child's size, while the clinical evolution of Madame Bourbeau demanded it," court documents read. "[The birth] took place in the context of a traumatic and chaotic birth that caused numerous damages to the plaintiffs, notably a permanent paralysis to the baby's right arm."

When the baby was born, it was not breathing. Bourbeau suffered "significant tearing and other damage" after the birth.

The law firm representing the doctors has declined to comment on the situation, citing confidentiality issues. The case will be heard in Quebec Superior Court in May 2018.

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