20 Times Parents Were Just Too Pure For The Modern World

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The technological world has advanced so quickly that everyone is having to learn and adapt on the fly, including our parents. I see my own mom and dad rocking out, each with their own iPhone. Most people prefer to text message each other as opposed to calling, and it can lead to some amazingly hilarious results, especially when it comes to our parents. Whether it be the dreaded auto-correct, or a misunderstanding of acronyms, sometimes you end up reading something you will never forget.  

We Heart It

That's a creative way to set expectations.

Huffington Post UK

This is just amazing on so many levels. Next time your mom makes fun of you because you cant find something, remind her of this one.


Sometimes it isn't the parents who make the mistake, but they sure can fire back with their own zingers.


Was mom drinking when she was sending these messages?

Daily Mail

Be reasonable, we have all done something similar to this.

Just something (creative)

Remember when you were young and you pretended like your parents had obviously never had sex?

Just something (creative)

The almighty auto-correct strikes again.


This is far too much information.


I feel like this is the type of dad that I will end up becoming.

The text fails get even better from here...

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