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Your Partner's Zodiac Sign Reveals Their Most Frustrating Trait, And How You Should Handle It

Falling in love with someone can be a remarkable thing. It's almost hard to believe just how much you can care about another human being, but somehow it manages to be true. Here's the thing, no matter how much we love this other person, that doesn't mean everything is always peachy keen.

Every single person on the face of the Earth has some traits that may not be the most wonderful. It's human nature.

If we wanted to be perfect all the time we would have to transform into dogs. Your zodiac sign reveals a lot about your personality, even the bad stuff. So taking a look at your partner's sign can let you know what exactly is the trait they have that will get on your nerves the most. If you are just starting out in a relationship, or maybe just want some confirmation about what you already suspect, check out the signs below.  



If you are with an Aries, you should be aware that they can get a little bit self-involved. Sure, they are passionate, but they can often forget other people are there and only focus on themselves. They can be bad at scheduling because they want to fit everything they want to do in, but often that doesn't leave enough time for you. The best way to deal with that is to plan ahead, make sure they put the time aside for you well in advance so they can't forget.


While a Taurus is an excellent partner in most ways, they have an inability to compromise that makes some things extremely difficult. They can be so stubborn about even the most ridiculous things that it can be a lot to handle. The best way to get around that is to try and express how important it is for them to listen to reason, because they are usually generous enough that they will try to make you happy when they realize how important it is to you.


Sure they can be energetic and fun, but sometimes their sense of humor can be a little bit sarcastic and not everyone can handle that. They also are cynical and have very little patience so you will have to try to find a way to understand that it isn't a personal attack against you.


They are such caring and nurturing people that when they get hurt they take it extremely personally. They refuse to let anything go, so you may be dealing with hurt feelings from years before you even knew them. They will try to bury it away but it will resurface when you least expect it. To help this you should try to get them to open up about their past so you know what's really going on.



It can be hard to deal with a Leo because they are such gregarious people that they don't often want to spend time with just one person. They have so many friends and like to spend time with all of them, that if you want one-on-one time you will have to accept that it's going to be limited. To combat this you should try to schedule specific date nights each week so you get some alone time together.


They care greatly about the people in their lives, but good luck making your way into that small circle. They are closed off and nervous around new people, and will take a lot of time to actually trust someone. The only way to counteract this is to be patient and move slowly.


They have this tendency to put on a happy facade, but it can get a little bit frustrating for the people around them who want to know what they are actually feeling. Trying to make everything conflict-free means that it can get a little passive-aggressive at times and that can be incredibly annoying to deal with. To help, you can try to learn their little tells that will reveal when they are faking their happiness and be the one to start the conversations.


Scorpios seem to just have more emotions than most people. They feel everything more than their partners, so they can often seem dramatic. Being with a dramatic person can be difficult, but the best thing you can do is lend an ear and try to understand their point of view and support them.



They are impatient and get bored easily, so it may be hard to get a Sagittarius to commit to a long-term relationship. They often use deflective humor that can seem inappropriate, but the best way to help them feel at ease is to continue trying new things likes trips and activities to keep the relationship fun and exciting.


Capricorns are able to shut down their emotional side and focus purely on their goals, but they don't always realize that they are doing it. As their partner, you may find that they are always busy with other projects and it can be frustrating to always feel second best. To try and combat this, you should make sure to initiate emotion-driven conversations to try and help them open up.


Unpredictability is a tricky thing in a relationship, because it can venture from romantic spontaneous trips to a frustrating inability to stick to a plan. They avoid routines and might seem detached because of this. While they may not handle routines well, they can appreciate reason. Emotional pleas will not work with them, so make sure you always have a logical argument.


Pisces suffer from an almost crippling self doubt. It makes it seem like they don't value themselves and it's hard to watch someone you care about go through that. You have to try and help them accept themselves for who they are and realize just how much you love them.

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