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Paul McCartney Recalls His Time In Jail In The New Extended "Carpool Karaoke"


Back in June, Beatles singer Sir Paul McCartney made his debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden's popular Carpool Karaoke segment, and it become one of the most-watched episodes.

The rockstar and the host belted out a bunch of the band's songs, took a trip down memory and Penny Lane, and shared a very poignant moment when McCartney explained the emotional experience that inspired him to write the iconic hit "Let It Be."

"I had a dream in the '60s where my mom, who died, came to me in the dream and was reassuring me, saying, 'it's gonna be OK. Just let it be.'" McCartney recalled. "She gave me the positive word. So I woke up and I went 'What was that? What'd she say? Let it be? I've never heard that. That's kinda good.'"

"So I wrote the song 'Let it Be,' [and it was] about positivity," he added.

Over the next two months, the nearly 24-minute video of McCartney's appearance on the segment was watched over 130 million times on YouTube and Facebook.

For fans who wanted the video was longer, your wish has come true as CBS premiered an extended "primetime special" titled Carpool Karaoke: When Corden Met McCartney Live From Liverpool.

"We were overwhelmed by the response to our Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney. We loved making it and knew we had something special, but it was so wonderful for us to see how many people watched and enjoyed it," said Ben Winston, executive producer of The Late Late Show."

"I think it resonated with people as Paul's music speaks to every generation, young and old, especially today. The message in the music is as relevant now as it has ever been. After the shoot, while we sat in the edit, we had to cut so much we loved for time. Not only did Paul do a concert in that Liverpool pub, but James and he discussed so much in the car. We are so delighted CBS has given us this primetime special to make an hour-long version of this Carpool Karaoke. Now everyone can see the joy of that concert and more of their chat."

McCartney's fans are treated to 20 more minutes of never-before-seen footage from the original broadcast, including McCartney and Corden's chats about the Beatles, his career as a solo artist and a few other topics he rarely discusses in public.

The musician shared his thoughts on the infamous "Paul is dead" conspiracy theory, which he said they "just kind of let it go." He also revealed why he wasn't wearing shoes on the iconic Abbey Road album cover (he took his sandals off because it was too hot), and talked about his stint in a Japanese prison back in 1980.

McCartney was busted by Japanese authorities at Tokyo's Narita International Airport for the possession of marijuana and attempting to bring it into the country. As a result, the singer-songwriter was jailed for nine days.

"I still am hazy as to how that happened but it did," he told Corden. "Scary!"

The singer said the only reason he made it out was because of his celebrity status.

"The guy goes, "˜Oh! [makes incoherent sound],'" McCartney explained. "I said, "˜Well, what did he say?' He says, 'Seven years hard labour.' And actually, that was the sentence for what I'd done."


The Grammy-winner also admitted to tricking once pretending to be someone else after a fan asked if he was McCartney.

"I said, 'No, but I wish I had his money!'" McCartney confessed to Corden.

The pair belt out a few more tunes before continuing their fun adventure around the city.

This installment of McCartney's Carpool Karaoke is unfortunately not as widely available as the previous one, but you can watch it on the CBS website.

Who would you love to see on Carpool Karaoke next? Let us know in the comments!

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