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Can You Spot What Freaked Out Nightly News Audiences?

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BBC / Al-Jazeera

If you regularly watch the nightly news, you know that it can be a bit dull. That's why we're grateful for people like Paul Yarrow.


He added some excitement and mystery to the evening news broadcast just by standing around. You see, back in 2009 Yarrow started popping up on the news every night. First he appeared in the background during an interview about a labor dispute, then he was standing behind a reporter at a protest.

Yarrow had a knack for realizing which events in London would be featured on the BBC's 1 p.m. newscast - including fires, riots, protests and vigils - and showing up on scene just in time to be caught on camera. He sometimes made the news for days in a row, and almost always wore the same beige sweater.

Soon, Yarrow had his own fan following with in-jokes about the so-called "newsbomber." They would shout "He's behind you!" whenever Yarrow crept up on a reporter. They even learned to recognize his tricks, like pretending to be on the phone, or hiding behind a newspaper.

Channel Four

But who was this obsessed prankster, and why did he make a habit of sneaking onto the nightly news? His answer was pretty surprising.

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