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Can You Spot What Freaked Out Nightly News Audiences?

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Eventually, a reporter from the Evening Standard tracked Yarrow down and asked him about his bizarre hobby.


It turned out Yarrow was a care worker, who had won a number of community awards for looking after sick patients, including his own parents. When the reporter asked Yarrow about his obsession with appearing on the news, he gave a surprisingly thoughtful answer.

"It is a statement about the image conscious media. I am overweight and people like me are treated as unsightly because of the way they look," Yarrow said. "Here I am. I am sorry I don't have a suit and that I am not lovely and slim."


Yarrow said that overweight people are often ignored, just like he is by the reporters he "newsbombs."

"The point I am making is that the more you push me aside, the more I'm going to be determined to make my presence known."

But what Yarrow never expected from his project was the number of devoted fans who tried to track him down in public, and recorded his appearances on a website.

“It has been terribly surreal. People are stopping me in the street wanting their photos taken with me and people have seemed to have taken me to their hearts.”

Yarrow was last seen in the background of a news broadcast in 2010, and hasn't appeared since then. Maybe he thinks he's made his point, but we'd love to see him on TV again.

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[H/T: The Evening Standard]

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