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Pauley Perrette Blasts "Family Feud" For 'Filthy' Answers


I'm a huge fan of NCIS, so when Pauley Perrette decided to leave, I was pretty upset. Her character Abby added something so special to the program, so seeing her go was heartbreaking.


Thankfully, social media is around to keep us connected to our favorite stars even if they aren't on the shows we watch! I follow Pauley on Twitter and she's usually pretty relaxed, which is why I was surprised when she went on a rant about the popular game show, Family Feud.


The 49-year-old TV star didn't specify which questions triggered her reaction, but many people agreed with her take.

"You are absolutely right!" one person wrote. "And not only are the questions designed to force inappropriate answers, but they phrase them in the most crass and disgusting way possible when they reveal them up on the board. I'm sick of it. Thank you for calling them out on it!"

"It does seem the questions are made to draw out nasty answers, which is a shame cause the show is funny without all that," another person tweeted. "And it is getting worse all the time."


"My mom (88) wont watch family feud anymore because its too dirty," someone pointed out. "Everything doesn't have to have a sexual twist to it."

"Family Feud, Match Game, are both disgusting, humor doesn't have to equate to filth," another user said. "The child joke comes to mind. Want to hear a Dirty joke, pig fell in a mud puddle. Want to hear a clean joke, He took a bath.  Leave the filth for your tours (live)."

Perrette didn't offer up much more information, but laughed at the response people had to her "sociologist" comment.

She's not wrong in saying the show has gotten a little more inappropriate over time, though. Sure, a lot of innuendos were implied in the Richard Dawson days, but it seems like the show is trying to make things way more obvious now.

For example, a clip of Celebrity Family Feud recently went viral after one of Sherri Shepherd's answers shocked the audience.

"Name something a lady cop might do to her husband in the bedroom," Steve Harvey asked.

"Cut his penis off!" Shepherd replied.


First off, what? Second, the network easily could have left that answer out and re-shot the scene, so why keep such a ridiculous answer? The answer is for the drama.

"Sherri, listen to me," Harvey told the former The View host. |This thing we're doing, this is a game show. This isn't therapy. You know, you're not supposed to be up here to get out your innermost thoughts."


But while Perrette may have a point, another Twitter user point out that it's a bit of a "pot calling the kettle black" situation.

"I think you need to look up the effects of violence on children vs sexual innuendos from a game show host," one user tweeted. "You work in Hollywood start there. Lets not equate the effects on children of Steve Harvey's innuendos with say the violence you would see on your show NCIS."

The difference, of course, is that NCIS wasn't a family show.

Do you think Pauley Perrette has a point about Family Feud?

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