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Pearl Harbor Hero Finally Awarded Medal For Saving Lives

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Themes of World War II / Fox News

It's estimated that 56.4 million people around the world lost their lives during the Second World War.

Thousands of heroes died in the span of a few short years, but many also survived, receiving medals for their heroic actions.

That being said, not everyone received a special honor for their service until decades later.  

Mark Paradise, a World War II veteran from central Pennsylvania, was formally given a Bronze Star and Combat Infantry Badge, 60 years after his heroic service.

"Mark Paradise, World War II veteran, poses for a photo with Maj. Gen. Gregg Martin, Army War College commandant, and Col. Karl Ginter, Army war College faculty."U.S. Army

Another American hero is getting the recognition he deserved 76 years ago for saving several lives aboard a burning Pearl Harbor ship.

The story of what he did is definitely one for the books.

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