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These Pennies Are Worth A Fortune And You Might Have Them In Your Wallet

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They don't call pennies lucky for nothing, just ask an avid coin collector. There have been many a times when a coin turned out to be worth a lot more than their face value, and apparently there are still a few circulating out there.

In the past, American coins featuring unique designs have been sold for large amounts of money, some bidders paid millions to get their hands on a rare coin.

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Over the last few decades, the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle was sold for $7 million, the 1913 Liberty Head V nickel for $4 million, while the 1804 Draped Bust dollar sold for $1 million.

Now, there's another expensive coin in circulation, but unlike the ones above, this one is a penny.

According to the American Numismatic Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of coin collecting, the rare 1943 one cent coin is one of the most sought-after items by collectors.

So what makes this coin a collectible and how much can you get for it?

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