Pennsylvania Home Listing Goes Viral Because Of Secret Sex Dungeon


Pennsylvania Home Listing Goes Viral Because Of Secret Sex Dungeon


When you are looking to buy a new home you have a huge list of things to watch for. You want to make sure it's in a good, safe location. Doesn't need any major repairs, has enough space for all your things, has a sex dungeon, neighbors that aren't too noisy, nice access to schools.

You know, the usual things.

Sorry, is a pleasure cave not on your list of house must-haves?

A Maple Glen home in suburban Pennsylvania has been listed by realtor Melissa Leonard and its getting all kinds of attention.


To be sure, the home is beautiful and well-priced. Leonard has done a great job on the staging and the write up is impeccable.

"One of a kind suburban home...private quiet lane of 3 homes leads you to a secldued 4 bedrooms upstairs plus 1 bedroom in the basement," it says. "Hardwood floors throughout, large master bedroom...basement can be converted back to a typical suburban basement."

Now why would someone want to convert a nicely renovated basement back into something "typical"?



The basement is also a dungeon. A sex dungeon.

Like something out of Fifty Shades Of Grey, the "fully furnished basement" is furnished with swings, clamps, chains, crosses and just about anything else that was used in medieval inquisitions/sex.

Leonard initally was very up front about the houses, er, attributes. Even calling them a "sexual oasis."

However in real estate, not all attention is good attention. So the listing is more mild now.

"Some people call and really like it and others are calling to say, 'Hey, I want to make sure that stuff can be taken out,'" she told People magazine.

Her initial listing made a big spash, even reaching Fifty Shades author E.L. James.

The seller rents out his home on AirBnB, so Leonard couldn't remove any of the existing furniture. She said the seller wanted an agent who was going to be creative.

Her first posting, titled "Fifty Shades of Maple Glen: A Suburban Home With A Sexy Twist" definitely was outside the box.

Judging from the house, dungeon or not, it's likely to sell soon.

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