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People Are Accusing A Paddington Bear Ad For Saying A Swear Word


A Paddington Bear Christmas advertisement is coming under fire after viewers became suspicious it contained a swear word.

The Marks and Spencer Christmas commercial follows the beloved bear from the deepest, darkest Peru, who mistakes a burglar on the Brown Family's roof for Santa Claus. He then 'helps' the faux Father Christmas deliver the stolen presents back to their rightful owners.

The "Paddington & The Christmas Visitor" video ends with Paddington handing the former thief his marmalade sandwich in exchange for a warm hug.

Now here is when things get tricky.

When 'Santa' embraces Paddington, he whispers, "Thank you little bear."  However, when the commercial first aired on Tuesday, hundreds of people suspect the criminal dressed in red said something much different: "F*** you little bear."

Even Twitter users are conflicted over what the reformed burglar said.

Some are confident 'Santa' used profanity:

While others love the advert and its festive spirit:

Due to all the commotion, a spokesperson from M&S confirmed the G-rated sentence and said, "He's saying, 'Thank you, little bear'. I think it's really clear. We wouldn't change the ad."

Watch the video yourself and tell us if you think there was profanity in the Christmas commercial?