People Are Claiming That 'Blood Of Jesus' Flower Only Grows During Holy Week


People Are Claiming That 'Blood Of Jesus' Flower Only Grows During Holy Week

If you believe in God then chances are you also believe in miracles.

Inexplicable occurrences do not have to be major since God also works in small ways. Some of His miraculous works are manifested in our lives while others show through nature.

More recently, some people claim that a special flower that grows in New Zealand is proof of Jesus' existence and his ascension.

The rare red flower commonly known as Blood of Jesus On The Cross only grows during Holy Week and when it blooms the center shows a design that resembles the cross.

Amazing, right? Well don't get too excited.

Skeptics dug a little deeper after the image started circulating and uncovered the true facts behind this miraculous bloom.

According to Snopes, the beautiful flower is actually called New Zealand Pohutukawa and unlike all the speculation, it blooms around another Christian holiday - Christmas.

Although the striking flower is impressive for a variety of reasons, it's rumored ability to grow specifically during Holy Week is not one of them.

As Easter approaches you might see photos of this flower making the rounds on social media, so before you share make sure that the facts that accompany it are the correct ones.

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