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People Are Falling In Love With "Glonuts," And You Can Make Them At Home

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Black Star Pastry

Social media has totally changed the game for food fans, especially bakers. Not only does it let you share unusual recipes (pioneer cake, anyone?) with people around the world, but it also helps create some pretty wacky recipes.

The never-ending competition to make the wackiest, most eye-catching recipe has helped create the cronut and even the spaghetti donut, but none of these food trends hold a candle to the glonut.

The neon-colored dessert has taken over Instagram since it was unveiled by Christopher Thé of Sydney, Australia's Black Star Pastry.  

Despite what you might think, the unnaturally bright color doesn't take food coloring or any toxic ingredients to make. Instead a special ingredient makes these pastries glow for real! (Keep reading to find out what it is).

Thé was inspired to make his iconic dessert after visiting a glow-in-the-dark festival, and it has quickly taken over food festivals around the world.

But these awesome treats are actually pretty easy to make at home.

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