Mother Leaves Baby Hidden In The Grass, Police Later Arrest Her

Out for an evening walk, a woman heard a noise and went to investigate the cause of it. What she found hidden in the grass of a neighbors home took her by surprise.

Armed with her cellphone light, she revealed a 3-month-old baby boy in a sleeper laying in the grass.

She immediately called Lakewood Police Department who rushed to the scene.

“In my 26 years of law enforcement I don’t think I’ve seen a child abandoned in a yard like this,” said Lt. Chris Lawler. “It’s extremely fortunate that somebody was going by and got to the child before his core temperature dropped or something else happened.”

The child was taken to hospital and later placed in the care of Child Protective Services.

Original attempts to locate the child's parents failed, but hours later the police detained an unidentified couple.

The mother later admitted to taking drug that made her paranoid and then left the baby behind.

“She said she grabbed her baby and ran from the residence because she thought she was being chased,” Lawler added. “She admitted to leaving the baby in a front yard and hoping someone would find him.”

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