People Are Livid About These Mugs - Can You Spot The Reason?

What began as a innocent pair of adorable couple mugs, turned into a fierce conversation about sexism.

The two mugs are designed to fit together with the phrase: "We go together like milk and cookies." Each mug is customized with a person's name - in this case Jennifer and Chris. The only thing is, people were not happy about what Jennifer's mug looks like compared to Chris'.

Can you see what the problem is?

Twitter/Janine Brito

Chris has a mug that's full size, while Jennifer's is designed to fit the other mug, and it's significantly smaller. According to Indy 100, "it’s manspreading in china form."

A picture of the mugs was posted on Twitter, and people had a lot to say about it.

One Twitter user, @janinebrito said: "This is a bull---- gift and Chris is a f---ing a--hole for always giving Jennifer less coffee."

This fueled the fire for more retweets and comments, including @MikeDrucker: "It's the Patriarchy! Women only get 79% of the coffee a man drinks."

Not everyone thought it was a big deal, though.

One guy, @ianzpotter, decided to see things in a more positive light: "Best case scenario- Jennifer has a huge chin which makes drinking hard and Chris is making light of it. It's not the best best case scenario."

Do you think people are overreacting about these mugs or does it reveal a need to talk about sexism? Let us know in the comments!

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