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People Are Mesmerized By Videos Of Women Pulling This Off Their Faces

For many people, the release of gunk from a clogged-up pore is just as soothing as listening to the summer rain. There's something about watching these addictively mesmerizing skincare videos that have people coming back for more.

One of the newest trends in beauty and pore clearing are activated charcoal masks. As beauty bloggers try on the super intense Boscia Luminizing Black Mask videos, millions of viewers are tuning in to watch that super satisfying moment when it all comes off.

It does look incredibly painful and way too intense to use every day - or even every week. But, there's no denying the results afterwords.

Do you think this is oddly satisfying?

Here's the Boscia mask in action:

Have you tried activated charcoal masks? Do you think they really hurt this much? Let us know in the comments below!