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People Are Telling Emma Watson She's Not A Feminist Because She Wore This

Emma Watson is a feminist and she is proud to say that as often and as loudly as needs be. She is working hard to make sure that women all across the world are treated fairly and equally as it is still so often not the case.

Emma Watson recently posed for Vanity Fair, to discuss everything from the release of Beauty and the Beast to her thoughts on privacy, but all people are talking about his the outfit she was photographed in. If you hadn't seen it, this is the picture that is causing all the fuss.

It's important to note this is not the only photo in the bunch and definitely is not the focus, but as the internet likes to focus on the extreme this is what they latched on to.

People have taken to Twitter to criticize her by claiming that this outfit makes her less of a feminist. They are essentially saying that because she chose to show her body that she shouldn't claim she cares about equal rights.

But luckily, there are still some people in the world who understand the difference and importance of feminism.

Feminism is an important topic right now because of the current political climate. Everyone is on edge and it is tricky to tread the line carefully. Do you think Emma Watson is okay for showing her body when she sees fit or is it counterproductive?

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