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People Are Using Bugs In Their Nail Art And It's So Not Okay

Nail art is a fun, creative way to change up the designs we see everyday. You can add color, patterns, glitter, whatever you want!

Like these paper clip nails, for example:

Or these geometric nails with a matte finish:

And even these constellation nails!

But now there's a new nail trend that involves shellacking dead bugs onto your nails and honestly, it's not great.

Ready to see?



Butterfly Wings


Goanna Skin (a lizard, not an insect...but still)




Lady Bug


There's about 8 trillion questions to be asked about this new fad:

  1. Where are you getting the bugs?
  2. Are they alive when you find them?
  3. Wouldn't they be squished?
  4. Where do you keep the bugs? Or is it an instant process when you find one?
  5. How long do they last?
  6. Wouldn't it be....crunchy and gross on your nail?

As of right now, it's just Australian nail artist Nicole Casti who's pioneering this new trend.

"I've always been fascinated with taxidermy," Casti told Daily Mail Australia. "I find beauty in death. I want to create things that challenge people's perception of beauty."

Yeaaah...we'll let you do it alone, this time.

Would you ever try this?

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