People Are Wearing Watermelon Dresses And It's Taking Over

Move over pineapple, you taste great and look wonderful printed on pretty much everything, but watermelon is king of summer fruits.

The juicy fruit has about 92% water content, so not only does it help quench your thirst on a sweltering day, it won't add too many digits to your calorie count.

Watermelons are also rich in vitamins and previous research by the Department of Agricultural Research at Texas A&M University found that the red and green fruit could increase libido.

The refreshing fruit is very versatile and not only does it taste great on its own, it can be turned into drinks, salads, cake and even carved masterpieces like a dress.

Yup, some people are showcasing their creative sides by turning watermelon slices into dresses and sharing the images online.

It's a fun and adorable way to take memorable pictures that you can look back on and smile.

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First off, you should know that people aren't actually dressing themselves in watermelons, it's an illusion.

They're simply carving the fruit into dress-like shapes and holding it over their bodies to make it look like they're wearing a watermelon outfit.

Check it out:

The idea appeared to have been started by the National Watermelon Board to encourage people to eat more of the sweet fruit.

Photos of people in watermelon dresses have been floating online for sometime now, but it started trending on social media over the 4th of July weekend.

Even TV and radio host Ryan Seacrest got in on the action because why not.

Some adorable tiny humans also took part in the tasty fad.

Just look at how happy this irresistible baby is in her watermelon outfit.

This guy couldn't resist merging two of this summer's hottest trends, the RompHim (romper for men) and the Watermelon Dress.

If you have a shot of yourself in a watermelon dress, we'd love to see it!

Which one of these creative photos is your favorite?