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People Can't Stop Talking About 'What's Wrong' With The American Family

Family psychologist John Rosemond is facing some backlash after an article he published in the Naples Daily News.

The article identifies how parenting styles have changed drastically since he was growing up. Rosemond points out that today's families place their kids ahead of all else...even though they probably shouldn't.

It wouldn't have gained so much attention had Mike Harms not posted it on Facebook. Since March 4th, it has gained over 1.2 million shares, with 33,000 people commenting with their opinion.

Read the article for yourself and see how you feel:

My Dad gave this article to me today, wish he gave it to me 15 years ago! Maybe not to late and maybe my parent friends should read too

Posted by Mike Harms on sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

Rosemond suggests that putting kids ahead of entire families, marriages, and other commitments is what's causing a generation of spoiled and entitled children to run wild.

"What is it about your child that gives them that status," he asks.

Some people agree with the psychologists analysis.

But others found his assumptions and conclusions to be way off base.

Where do you stand on the issue?