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People Have Been Noticing Something Weird About This Photo Of Prince Harry And Melania Trump

When Prince Harry and Melania Trump came together to open the Invictus Games, a sporting event that helps wounded, injured or sick soldiers.

His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales looked quite uncomfortable standing next to Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States.

While their meeting appeared officially formal, there was something about Harry's posture that sparked some questionable conspiracy theories...

With the cameras rolling, their meeting seemed polite and formal. Prince Harry reached out for a firm handshake with America's First Lady before the two stood together for photos.

But it was Prince Harry's body language and a particular hand position that drew the attention of keen-eyed observers.

He held the position for several minutes, which, to some, suggested that it wasn't an accident.

Just two hours after their meeting aired on television, Twitter users were quick to point out how Harry's odd hand gesture looked like the sign of the devil.

While some just openly wondered what he could possibly be doing with his fingers like this,

A few others joked that he was warding off evil with the hand gesture as he stood next to Melania.

Patti Wood, a body language expert, revealed to the Daily Mail that Harry's body language suggests he was feeling restrained and cautious around Melania; the First Lady appeared nervous meeting the Prince.

While it is proper etiquette to clasp his hands and gesture low to the body, Wood suggested that his gesturing seemed to indicate that Prince Harry needed to protect himself during the interaction.

What do you think? Could it have been something as simple as he could only fit two fingers between the buttons of his jacket?

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