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People Outraged After Mom Posts Video Of Feeding Her Daughter Raw Onion

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Raising kids is always a struggle, especially if they're stubborn (like I was.) Of course, along the way, you get to go through learning experiences with your kids that will no doubt stick with them for years.

The problem is, with social media, parents are being subjected to "keyboard parents" who seem to think they know someone's child better than they do. When a mom or dad posts a funny picture on their Facebook page, they can be bombarded with people who hand out unsolicited advice.

For example, when Chrissy Tiegen posted a picture of her and her daughter going down the slide, everyone accused her of putting Luna at risk.

weeeee are very skeptical of slides right now

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One person commented, "Just a heads up that this can break your little one’s leg! I have three friends who have had this happen," while another added, "OMG this makes me cringe after seeing a friend go down a slide like this with their baby and seeing the baby's leg break."

Tiegen responded by joking that "everyone's legs broke" while watching it happen.


But it's not just celebrity moms that are getting shamed online. Gesa Croonen posted a video of her daughter "learning" on her Facebook page, and people are NOT happy.

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