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People Stare When He Walks His Dog, But His Explanation Will Break Your Heart

Anyone who owns a dog knows that they quickly become the light of your life. When they get injured or sick, nothing breaks your heart more.

Craig Mosher loves his best friend Loois with all of his heart, and the way he shows it is absolutely amazing. Loois was born with an extra vertebrae that was causing him pain, but when they did the surgery to correct it there was a complication that injured the spinal cord and left him paralyzed in his hind legs.

That didn't stop Mosher from taking care of his buddy, and even though he has to go about things a little bit differently he is happy to do it.

Just because Loois isn't able to move his back legs, it doesn't mean he wants to sit at home all day. Every morning Mosher takes him on a run but putting his legs in a special harness and carrying them so Loois can run around. Mosher follows Loois where ever he wants to go, even though some people may stare at them.

The bond these two share will absolutely warm your heart. This dog clearly loves all the work that Mosher puts in and he does his best to show him.

You have got to watch this video, it is the sweetest thing you'll see all day.

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