People Who Were Mocking Melania and Ivanka Trump Now Feel Embarrassed

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Meeting God's representative on earth must be a stressful time. An audience  has long been sought after by commoners and royals, presidents and peasants. No one takes the meeting lightly, where everything will be important even, perhaps especially, the clothes you wear.

There's no shortage of protocols and traditions to keep in mind if you're granted the privilege of meeting the pope, and some have been making big news after Donald Trump and his family met with the Holy Father.

Pope Meeting

While visiting the Middle East, Melania and Ivanka Trump raised eyebrows when they didn't conform to tradition while meeting dignitaries in Saudi Arabia. Both women left their heads uncovered, although still dressed modestly. Days later, while meeting the pope, Melania and Ivanka opted for more traditional garments and still created a stir.

All IN Black

Many people accused the women of the White House of dressing too funereal, and several awkward photos leaked to press didn't help the notion. However the two women were only adhering to centuries old guidelines on how to dress for the Pope.

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